Do Great Work Anytime, Anywhere

Everything you love about Chorus, in one seamless on-the-go experience.

Utilize travel time effectively with Chorus Mobile.

Reps can listen, seek and get feedback on calls – all in real-time and on the go. Managers can stay on top of critical deals and provide feedback to reps. Listen to AI-curated playlists of best or most important calls, wherever you are.


Sales Conversations at Your Fingertips

Listen to calls anytime, anywhere

Save time and be better prepared for meetings. Know what’s going on with your deals and provide laser-focused guidance for your reps.

Instant messaging from Chorus

Transform mobile interactions into instant coaching experiences. Improve skills and win more deals through better coaching.

Get help closing deals

Shorten your sales cycle by getting faster help from marketing, products, and others. Share recordings, comment at collaborators and get notified of responses.

Listen to AI-curated playlists

Listen to the recordings that matter most to you e.g. engaging discovery calls, high-risk or competitive deals. Make reps and managers more productive by surfacing the most important calls.

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